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Feature Films

A guitarist rescues and rehabilitates a bald eagle.
Genre: Drama

Grammy Goes Gangster
A Grandmother recruits her friends in her retirement home to knock off a crooked mortgage company in order to pay for her Grandson's experimental cancer treatment. Using local gangs as a template, the women form their own hysterical posse. Hot on their heels is a retired cop who knows the women are up to no good and sets out to prove it.
Genre: Comedy

Black Mambas APU
Named after one of the deadliest snakes, the Black Mambas are Africa’s only all female anti-poaching unit. They patrol the savannas and protect the animals against poachers, sometimes to their own peril. This is a fictional story about those real women.
Genre: Action

A secret threatens to unravel a family.
Genre: Drama, Family

The Stranger
A woman finds a dying girl in the desert after the apocalypse.
Genre: Science Fiction

Chloe Novak knocks off a VFW bar.
Genre: Action, Comedy

The Warrior
Left for dead, a child sex worker finds the will to survive and start a new life, but will it be the life of her dreams?
Genre: Drama

One Lucky Moon
Written and directed by Academy Award nominee Peter Bogdanovich (Last Picture Show, Paper Moon, Mask), follows a group of thespians who must save the Wild West tourist town where they work from the clutches of an evil real estate mogul.
Genre: Comedy

Let's Go!
A rock and roll musical set to the music of the Ramones about a group of kids surviving a summer in New York City.
Genre: Musical, Rock and Roll

Harper Malone and The Articles of Andupita
A smart-mouthed smuggler manages to save the universe.
Genre: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction

An offbeat musical about an unlikely pair of misfit farm kids growing up in Smalltown, Tx circa 1978 amidst a town scandal.
Genre: Musical, Comedy, Coming of age

The true story of the friendship between Son House and Charley Patton.
Genre: Biopic, Music

I Put A Spell on You, the true story of Nina Simone
The story of Nina Simone.
Genre: Biopic

Untitled Argentine Tango movie
An American learns to tango in Buenos Aires.
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Dance, Travel

The Chosen

The Chosen
Two detectives hunt a serial killer in New Orleans while juggling real life.
Genre: Thriller, Horror, Drama

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